The Flying Cyclones

Aspiring Pilots

Below is a summary of what you need for a private pilot’s license (PPL). Check the following link for more details Private Pilot Requirements.

  1. Endorsement from an instructor to pass your written knowledge test. You will obtain an endorsement if you finish and pass the Ground School offered by the club.
  2. 40 hours of logged flight time and 20 hours of dual instruction with a certified instructor.

Check out the membership and equipment page (Below) to see how the club can benefit you.

Licensed Pilots

Want to become a club pilot? We offer some great discounts if you fly with other members of the club. Please read Flight Operations Policy and Procedures Handbook, sign the Club Pilot Agreement, and contact a club executive about flying with the club.

Flight Simulator

The Flying Cyclones operate the flight simulator shown below. It is a CR-12 made by Precision Flight Controls and FAA approved as an Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD). It supports both single and multi engine airplanes and can be used for fun or actual flight training. It runs a commercial version of the X-Plane flight simulator software which is used by numerous companies and government agencies.


The simulator is available for any student to use free of charge. If you're a member of the flying club, speak to one of the club officers about access to the simulator. If you are not a member of the club, email us for more information.

Logging time on the simulator
Our flight sim is certified by the FAA to allow pilots, including student pilots, to log training time towards several different classes of pilot ratings (read the FAA certification letter for details). This is an easy way to reduce flight training costs and get more efficient training. If you are just interested in using the sim for fun or to practice on your own, there are no restrictions on use. But if you wish to log time, you must have a certified instructor present teaching you. The FAA does not allow you to log time when using the sim by yourself or with anyone who is not a certified instructor. Fortunately, we do have instructors available and you can make arrangments with them to receive instruction.

This simulator was funded in part by the Student Government at Iowa State University and the software was donated by Laminar Research, makers of X-Plane.

Club Equipment

The following is a list of equipment owned by the flying cyclones. Members are welcome to borrow any of it for club trips or for personal use. Priority for use will be given to club activities. If you are interested in using anything, contact the Equipment Chair to make arrangements.

Flight Equipment:

  • 2 David Clark H20-10S headsets
  • 3 Peltor Nordica headsets
  • 2 Sigtronics four-place portable intercoms
  • Garmin 495 aviation GPS (manual, quick reference guide)
  • Icom handheld aviation radio: IC-A24 NAV/COM (manual)
  • Streamered “message drop” containers


  • Gleim
    • Instrument Pilot FAA Written Exam study guide
    • Instrument Pilot Flight Maneuvers and PTS
    • Flight/Ground Instructor Written Exam study guide
  • Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications
  • Field Guide to Airplanes, Third Edition
  • Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide, Fifth Edition


  • Private Pilot Knowledge & Checkride Courses
  • Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
  • Surviving Systems Emergencies
  • Weather Wise
  • VFR Cross-Country Flying
  • Taming Stalls and Spins
  • Communications
  • Navigation From A to Z
  • Several FAA safety CDs and DVDs